“No issues getting through the airport! As far as security or anything like that …no issues whatsoever. I appreciate all your help through this entire process! Thanks for everything!” ~Emilia, Poland

“The idea of the refurbished product was brilliant and good solution for me.  And Thanks to you Frankie for patient, and professionalism.” ~Albana, Albania

“Vest has arrived safely. Thank you so much for all your help and for the cute little teddy.” ~Suzanne, UK

“Never have I experienced such sincere interest from a company, and am so appreciative!  You really went above and beyond in several instances, and I love what you do for those who cannot avail themselves to the equipment you provide.” ~Sandy, Missouri, USA

“The machine is absolutely awwwsome!!!! Just to let you know that I gave your contact details to a family in Mauritius. There daughter have Cystic Fibrosis. The Vest is the best therapist machine that I ever had! A must have for people with CF.” ~Ludo, Mauritius

“If you ever plan to came to Europe, we would love to meet you, and we invite you to be our quests in Montenegro. At the end what to say, THANK YOU for your generosity, with vest system you help Hana breathe easier. Wish you all the best, and we hope some day we will meet.” ~Denis, Sanela & Hana, Montenegro