Airway Clearance Systems Rental Program

Airway Clearance Vest Rentals are now available!  All the systems that we sell:

  • the Hill-Rom Vest Model 105,
  • the Respirtech Incourage,
  • the Respironics CoughAssist  T-70 and CA-3000
  • and, coming shortly, the Hill-Rom Vital Cough

are now available for rent in the USA as rentals.

Sometimes, it just makes more sense to rent than purchase a system.  For example, postoperative and rehabilitating patients may only need a system for a short time.  Therefore, renting a system is a better option than purchasing one.  Additionally, if you have just recently been diagnosed you may simply want to try out one or more of these devices.  This way, you can make a better decision to invest in an airway clearance system or not.    Finally, for long-term users on a budget, we also offer a rent-to-own program.  As a result, owning your own airway clearance systems is now more affordable.

  • FDA regulations require a prescription from a licensed physician.
  • Renters must complete a credit application/authorization, credit check release and rental agreement.
  • We require a $500 deposit, refundable upon return of the equipment in good cosmetic and working condition
  • 2 month minimum rental required
  • $50 shipping to receive the equipment, $50 prepaid return shipping to be paid at the time of rental
  • All of our rental systems are completely disinfected and  patient-ready.
  • Original packaging should be retained for the return shipment or an additional $25 packaging fee will apply for shipment of new packaging materials to you for the return.
  • No other accessories are required.
  • We supply one set of mask, filter, hose and adapters at no additional charge for CoughAssist systems.
  • Systems requiring a vest garment will have one vest garment supplied with the system.
  • Additional vest garments are available for rent for $30/month with a $100 deposit.

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Airway Clearance Vest Rentals

Rentals Prices (effective April 2017):

Hill-Rom Vest Model 105                                          $ 350

Airway Clearance Vest Rentals - Hill-Rom Model 105

The Hill-Rom Model 105 Airway Clearance Vest Rental System

Respirtech Incourage                                               $ 350

Respirtech Incourage Airway Clearance Rental System

Respirtech Incourage Airway Clearance Rental System

Mechanical insufflator exsufflator systems:

Philips Respironics CoughAssist T-70                  $ 300

Monthly Rental - Philips Respironics CoughAssist T-70

CoughAssist T-70

  • If you decide to buy your rental system, we apply 80% of monthly rental fees plus your deposit towards your purchase
  • Presently, this program is only available in the USA.

Contact us for more information or send us an e-mail at