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The Vest System (Locking Hose) Info

Airway Carance System Complete Hill-Rom The Vest® Model 105 Airway Clearance System New, locking hoses on the air pulse unit side that prevent the hose from unintentionally being disconnected from the air pulse unit. Software version 1.22 This system has been completely disassembled, disinfected, inspected and fully tested to OEM specifications. Also Included One Vest of your […]

Good News Australia – CF Assistance Program may help pay for Vest Airway Clearance System

The CFV Living Well Assistance Program helps with the expenses of living with cystic fibrosis.  Financial aid is given to assist with the cost of fitness programs, physiotherapy equipment, education and training, adult respite holidays and in other times of financial need. To ensure that the distribution of funds is managed effectively and equitably, CFV […]

What is inside a Hill-Rom Vest Air Pulse Unit?

….and why would we take them apart? Well, in order to guarantee the safety and complete decontamination, we have to take apart the entire air pulse unit. This way, we can disinfect each and every component of the system. It also allows us to test every component to ensure that it is working properly. Don’t […]

Arguments for HFCWO Airway Clearance vs Manual Percussion Therapy

In many countries, physicians, respiratory therapists, caregivers and members of the CF community have prolonged discussions about the value of HFCWO Airway Clearance Therapy vs. Manual Percussion Therapy. This debate often include  arguments about the high cost of modern Airway Clearance Systems, such as the Hill-Rom ‘The Vest’ System.  Due to the high costs of […]

Protecting your Hill-Rom Vest Airway Clearance System (with your life!)

Hill-Rom put a lot of thought into building a really great airway clearance device. The system is well designed and has been built from quality materials. However, no designer can predict the knocks and bumps that their ‘baby’ will have to endure in the real world. Here are some tips for keeping your investment safe(r). […]

The Importance of Airway Clearance for Bronchiectasis Patients

Bronchiectasis is a serious, debilitating, and increasingly prevalent disease in the developed and developing world. Due to an overall aging of first world populations as well as widespread tobacco use and the prevalence of airborne pollution in many urban areas there has been a dramatic rise in new cases. New data and vastly improved diagnostic […]