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Airway Clearance and other Assistance Programs for Patients and their families

Assistance Programs

If you know of other programs that can help patients with medical equipment needs, please contact us and let us know so we can add these organizations to this list. We will only respond to legitimate links, not links advertising dubious products or services or for profit referral services.   

Patient Assistance Programs Cystic Fibrosis COPD SMA  Bronchiectasis Asthma – Overview

If you have a chronic health condition, or, if you are a caretaker you know how stressful life can be.  Not only do you have to manage the medical condition but also deal with  normal life stressors. In many countries, just paying for medical care, medication and medical devices can be challenging by itself.  Therefore, families and patients often have to make painful choices on how to spend their money.  However, there are many assistance programs around the world to help in these situation.

Some programs are specific to a country, or even just a state.  Other programs are only for at specific medical condition.  In addition, some offer just information or advice.  Meanwhile, others offer grants or will purchase medical technology for patient use. Above is just a short list of organizations that we happen to know about. If you are in need, reach out to as many organizations as you can think of.  And please, let us know if you would like us to add an organization to this list.

Where to start

Start with an internet search for your specific medical condition and your country or state.
For example: Cystic Fibrosis Canada or Chronic Asthma UK
See if there are any organizations for your specific condition in your country.
Ask other people with similar health conditions about any help that they may have received.
Forums, Facebook groups and chat rooms are a good source for information.
As always – never, ever pay for information or a promise of help Never give out personal information to unknown persons or organizations. People that desperately need help are often victims of scams or fraud.

Go Local!

We have had patients that have approached local organizations that are not typically focused on any one health condition. Examples of these are Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Shriner Hospital, St. Jude Hospital, etc. Go to their local chapter and introduce yourself. Explain your condition and ask for help for a specific purpose such as covering the cost of a medical procedure or the purchase of medical equipment. Do not be afraid to ask. Be polite and ready to answer questions to clarify your situation if needed.

Should you ask for medical equipment that we sell or service, you can offer our contact information to the organization to explain how this equipment can help you, costs, shipping, taxes, duties, etc.

Ask Friends or Relatives in the USA to advocate for you

Obviously, there is more help in developed countries,  Therefore, look up your long-lost friends and relatives and stay in touch with them!   Recently, we became aware of an SMA patient from South America.  His parents are related to a US resident.   This person went to a Shriner’s hospital in the USA to ask for assistance with a life-saving surgery.  This request for assistance was granted and the family only had to pay for transportation.

Regardless of the outcome, if you have a meeting with an organization, always write a letter thanking them for their time.  If you receive assistance, send them a picture or a video showing the organization the results of their gift.

Pharma Assistance Programs

CREON® CFCareForward Patient Support Program offers nutritional services to eligible patients, as well as financial and educational support for patients and families.

Chiesi USA 
Chiesi USA offers prescription access support, financial assitance, and product counseling for patients taking BETHKIS® (Tobramycin Inhalation Solution) and PERTZYE® (pancrelipase) 

Genentech, Inc.
Genentech Access Solutions
Pulmozyme® Access Solutions Co-Pay Card Program

Cayston® Access Program

Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Patient Assistance Now (Spanish Speaking Services)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Vertex GPS: Guidance & Patient Support (Kalydeco® or ORKAMBI™)

Customer financial assistance program for patients using inCourage® airway clearance therapy.

Live 2 Thrive 
Live 2 Thrive Offers copay assistance, free vitamins and supplements, and nutritional information for eligible patients.

Other Resources

Foundation Care 
List of company assistance programs

Cystic Fibrosis Patient Assistance Foundation
Assistance for affording medications and devices for managing CF

Cystic Fibrosis Services
Additional patient assistance programs for those without insurance coverage

Boomer Esiason Foundation
Links to assistance programs for Tobradex, Creon, Aceon, Estratest HS, Prometrium, EstroGel, Pulmozyme, Advair, and Cipro 
Guidance for Californians facing hefty hospital bills 
Additional Patient Assistance Programs

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Database of Patient Assistance Programs
(Search by drug, company or program name)

Patient Advocate Foundation
Mediation and arbitration services for patients with debilitating and life-threatening illnesses.