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Import / Export Information

Whenever you are considering purchasing goods from another country, you must consider:

  1. Costs of duties and taxes range from tax & duty-free up to 22% in some countries.
  2. Some countries have import restrictions on medical equipment.
  3. Import permits needed.  In some countries, recipients need to apply to their government agencies for permission to import medical equipment. You may be required to pay a fee associated with import permits or documents.
  4. Shipping costs.  These range from $ 50 in the USA to $ 550 in countries that are far from the USA and where local deliveries are limited.
  5. Shipping restrictions.  We ship directly to most countries; however, some countries may require you to contract with a third-party import service.

We try to collect information about the import duties and tax situation for as many countries as we can.  When possible, we will assist with information needed for import documents.

Please contact us if you have additional information! We greatly appreciate it.

Duties and Taxes

UK – Tax Exemption for medical equipment for disabled or chronically ill patients.

Australia – Tax Exemption for Medical Equipment.

Import Restrictions

Turkey has restrictions on the type of equipment that can be imported.  Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details with you.

Import Permits

Taiwan – import permit required prior to item being shipped.  May take 4-8 weeks.  More info at:

Shipping Costs (Approximate)

UK  $ 250

Mexico $ 250 – $ 350

Shipping Restrictions

Russia – we are unable to ship to Russia or Mexico directly.  We have successfully used third-party import services to ship to these countries.